Saturday, April 27, 2013

Much needed vacation!

It is almost time to leave for our vacation to the beach!  It has been so long since we've gone on a vacation, I forgot what it was like.  Haha!  I have been halfway packed for over a month anticipating this.  We were going to go to the mountains, but decided to go to the beach instead since Ever will be with us.  The weather will still be kind of cool so we won't have to worry too much about it being too hot for Ever.  Plus, she hasn't seen the beach since she was 8 months old.  Our other children will be with their mom/dad for the weekend so it's just us.  Emily has been begging to come with us and as much as I don't mind and would love for her to come, I don't want to cause a conflict.  We will try very hard to go again when we can all go.  I had to promise to bring her back something very cool from Sparkles!  There are several places that I have been missing wayyy too long and can't wait to go to!  Planet Hollywood, Broadway at the Beach, Margaritaville, Joe's Crab Shack, Damon's, Tanger outlets :), etc...  We have been living VERY frugally this past month to save for this trip.  I am so excited to go!!!!  The weather keeps changing from rain to sunshine to rain again and back and forth.  That doesn't really bother me considering we are not going to lounge on the beach.  We will have a 2 year old with us.. there is NO lounging on the beach with a 2 year old.  Lol.  Absolutely cannot wait!

Oh and I know one of the last posts was about a vacation, but we ended up not going and stayed home to put the money and time into fixing our kitchen.  So it has been a good year since a vacation for us!

Been awhile... Sorry!!!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted a blog.  I forgot I had one!  Seriously... Wow.  I will post soon!