Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Part 2

 Eating at Grandma's on Christmas Eve.  Getting ready to open Christmas Eve presents!!

 Kid's Christmas Morning Cocoa

 Good job girlfriend!!

Nabi Tablet

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning Part 1

Ian and I woke up at 2:30 this morning to "welcome Santa Claus".  I'm really glad we did, because it is now 5:30 and we just finished!  The kids are going to love their presents!  Here is SOME of what they got..


1.  When Emily gave her leap pad to Ever a few months ago and said it was for babies, I knew it was time to trade up.  We looked around and ended up getting her and Gabe a Nabi tablet.  The Nabi is wayyy cool!  It is an Android tablet that uses the Amazon App Store.  We took it out of the box a couple months ago when we bought them to set it up and I'm not going to lie.. Ian and I played with it for a few days before finally wrapping it "from Santa".  I downloaded every Angry Birds possible (seasons, star wars, space, etc.) plus some games like Where's my water?  And Fruit Ninja.  It also comes preloaded with a TON of games/apps/books, etc.  This tablet was definitely worth the price.  I also put our netflix account on it so the kids can watch movies.  (Yes it is HD and a REALLY good picture!)  Annnnnd it has a kid safe browser so Emily can play, etc.  There is also a mommy mode with a regular browser.  It's basically an ipad for kids...and really adults too!  It also has a camera, mp3 player, ereader, etc.

2,  "Santa" got her a pink Nintendo DSi.  It was bought before the Android Tablet and we decided to just give her both.  She is also getting a case and a bunch of games for it.  Barbie, Wizards of Waverly Place, lalaloopsy, etc.

3.  Santa outdid himself this year with this HUGE dollhouse!  (See pictures below.)  Emily asked for a 2 story dollhouse ...I think she will be pleased!!

4.  Of course LOTS of Barbies, barbie car (for the dollhouse garage of course!) and a Barbie Pool.

5.  Dr. Mommy doll that was $50 but seems worth it sooooo far....

6.  Monster High things she asked for.

7.  Barbie that you color her hair.

8.  Just Dance 4 for the Wii.



1.  Hellicopter he's been begging for.

2.  Army play things.

3.  Hero House (see pics below)

4.  VReader and Games

5.  Plastic Bow and arrow

6.  TMNT stuff

7.  batman toys

8.  Art set

9.  Super Mario Kinnex

10.  Hot Wheels stuff

11.  football

12.  Hex bug habitat



1.  Leapfrog Tag JR with books

2.  Innotab 2

3.  Wagon with blocks

4.  Doctor set

5.  Dora play car

6.  Mega Bloks castle

7.  Radio Flyer Trike



1.  Lincoln Logs

2.  Nabi Tablet

3.  Legos

4.  Hex Bug Habitat

5.  Angry bird stuff (LOTS of it!)


This is what the living room looks like before the kids wake up.  (As of right now they are still sleeping!  I can't wait!!!)

 This is what the tree looked like before Santa came.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Very True

My step dad was not very nice to me nor was my step mom.. I vowed to never be like them.  I love all of my children.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! It is!

We went Christmas shopping yesterday for a few last minute things (which is never done, because every time I turn around there are more last minute things to do/get!) and I grabbed this cute outfit for Emily!  I couldn't not get it even though I was SUPPOSED to be finishing up her Christmas outfit.  (Which I did.. so no harm done!  :)) Emily absolutely loves it and I love it too!!!

I hit the jackpot at Target yesterday.  EVERYTHING I needed was on sale!  Even some toys they wanted that I wasn't going to buy them because I've bought so many already were on sale so I was able to get them!   Well I have a million things to do so I better get to them! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Trees

Last night we made Christmas trees!  It was fun and it made a super yummy dessert for after supper!

It's only a few more days until Christmas!  Class parties are coming up and then it'll be Christmas vacation!  I've got the Christmas pjs from Santa's reindeer all wrapped up and the reindeer "food" made up in little baggies which will both be left out for the kids to find when we get home from grandma's house on Christmas Eve night!  We'll be having a huge turkey lunch on Christmas Eve and dinner and gifts at grandma's.  When we get home that night, the kids will open their gifts from us and we will open our last book in the advent calendar and read The Night Before Christmas.  (I have a feeling we will hear Santa's sleigh bells outside the window!!)  Christmas Day, we will have a yummy breakfast complete with Santa cocoa and gifts galore.. then to Nanny Gina's where we will eat and open more presents.   :)))  This Christmas is going to be so great for the kids.  I'm so glad I started planning in July!  It will really pay off!  I don't want it to be over, but I can't wait for it to be here.  Christmas Eve to me is even better than Christmas Day because of the anticipation!  It's like Thanksgiving Xs 1000!  :))))) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleaning and getting ready for Christmas!

Last week I cleaned out the boy's room getting it ready for Christmas toys!  This week, Ian and I cleaned out the girl's room and redid their floor.  It is so cool!  

(This is Emily and Christian sleeping in the living room the night the floor was drying.  So sweet!)

It is safe to say that we are ready for these Christmas toys that Santa will be bringing!!  :))))

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thursday Fun

Thursday, Emily and I had some girl time after school.  She asked for a pedicure for Christmas so that's exactly what we did!  I made her an appointment at Serenity Nail Spa for a Princess Pedicure.  It was so fun for her and super cute!

Pretty toes!!!  It was also pj day at school and family fun night!  We went and found out that Christian is student of the month and both Emily and Christian received writer's awards!  Their writings are on the wall in the lunch room and Christian's picture was up for student of the month.

After family fun night which was hot cocoa and cookies, crafts in the classrooms, and the Santa Store.. we went and had supper at Cracker Barrel!  It was a really good day until poor Ever and Christian got super sick all of a sudden.  :(  I have been loading up on Airborne and Vitamin C and I really hope it helps me not get sick.  I slept with Ever last night and she kept coughing in my face, but if I get sick it will be worth it because she slept most of the night hugging me.  :)