Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just to let you know...

Only one more day until Halloween and 2 more days until November.  Just in case you didn't know.  ;)

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Today I decided to do a "what I'm loving Wednesday"!!

The first thing I am love love loving is this Britney Spears Curious spray.  It's an oldie, but a goodie!  I saw it at Target and the smell immediately took me 10 + years back.

The second thing is also a spray.  I read a review on Taylor Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck.  I've been dying to try it and I finally did the other day and I LOVED it!

The third & fourth thing(s) I am loving are these two candles I saw at Target.  I've also read about the Sweet Spun Sugar and wanted to try it.  The gardenia Lilly just smelled too good to pass up.

The fifth thing is the amazing fact that I am finally in love with my closet.  I was watching youtube before bed the other night and saw some closet ideas that I really liked.  I got up yesterday and started painting and decorating.  I'm pretty freaking happy with it!

The sixth thing I am loving is this cute candle.  Not much of a smell, but I love the way it looks!!

Last, but not least is this cute light up octopus Ever got in her Citrus Lane box.  She loves it and we love it!  It puts stars, etc on the ceiling and is just so sweet.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Christmas fever is full blown!!

Halloween is only 11 days away!  That means that Christmas season and my favorite month (NOVEMBER!!) is fast approaching!!!!  I am getting so excited for Santa to come and visit Ever this year!  She is older now and this will be her first year REALLY into the present opening.  I can't even wrap a present for someone else's birthday without her wanting to open it!  She KNOWS what they are!  

Want to hear something super cool?  (no pun intended.)  It's 11:30 AM and I am in a thick robe, fuzzy pj pants, and socks!!  It's THAT cold in my house.  Yay!!  Finally.  

So let's talk November.  11 days until Halloween means 12 days until November!!  I know I did a blog not too long ago about November, but I'm going to do it again because it's my blog and I can.  :)  November is looking even better and better because I signed up for some subscription boxes and 99% of them will be coming in November for the first time!  My first Citrus Lane box (which is a really nice box for Ever-toys, snacks, products, etc.) will be coming this month, but the rest is allllll November.  I also signed up for Lip Factory Inc, Beauty Box 5, Ipsy Glam bag (still waitlisted!), and Birchbox.  Vanderpump Rules AND RHOBH starts November 4!!  I've been waiting a looooong time for those two!  My new books come out in November, Thanksgiving, Christmas Decorating, Black Friday, Homecoming at church with Joe Youngblood (YES!!!  I can't wait!!), etc...  Also when I get bored in November I can turn on QVC or HSN and watch the Christmas things they're selling.  I've never bought any of it, I just like to watch it.  Ian doesn't understand it.  LOL.  There's just something about them showing off gifts, clothes, electronics, etc in front of their Christmas tree while sitting by MY Christmas tree that I just love love love!!  AND I get to wrap gifts in November!  (I always wait until the tree is up to wrap even though yes, I have already bought some wrapping paper.)  

I've decided to buy my tree and put it up on Nov 21.  I will decorate it and ONLY it until Thanksgiving Day.  On Thanksgiving, I will decorate the rest of the house during the parade.  Or after we eat.. maybe a little of both.  Ha.