Friday, November 13, 2015


It is so sad how easily I agree with the kids' not so smart ideas.  Last night they said we should skip school and work today and drive to the mountains.  The adult me said "no" out loud, but the other part of me was thinking how can we make that work?  Haha!  I almost caved, but I asked Ian to keep me strong and reassure me that I have to say no.  But it would've been so fun!!  (Except then I remembered that my picc line comes out today and I really couldn't not be here for that.) I am a sucker for vacations though.  I love doing new things and exploring.  I do wish I could think of somewhere new to go in such a short period of time.  I've never been to the mountains in the fall before though (not old enough to remember I mean) so that should be fun!

     I just HAVE to continue Christmas shopping while there or I'll never be prepared!  This year I am so slack with Christmas.  I bought the main things that were asked for and other than that... it won't be crazy. No 500 gifts this year.  No "it has to be perfect".  I haven't even bought a turkey yet for Thanksgiving!  What is wrong with me?  Lol.. and why are my decorations not up yet??  Being in the hospital was unexpected and made things a lot different.  I am so thankful for being here with my family and I guess it rearranged my priorities.

On another note.. Ever was so stinkin cute last night.  She came in the living room and said "I washed my hands, face, and my arms so I'm all ready to go to the mountains.".  I had to make sure she knew we weren't leaving today.  She kept saying "the next day?".  She loves to travel like her mommy.  She has no idea what New York is and yet she is so excited about it and talks about going non stop.  She'll tell me that I better save my money for New York!  If I have any change, she makes sure I put it in the change jar "for New York".

Where would I be without my amazing family??  Ian is such a great, amazing, wonderful husband.  The kids are all amazing.. Even my pets are amazing.  I am so thankful and beyond blessed!