Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wrapping and Unwrapping

Good Morning Fisbee!

Look at where we found Fisbee this morning!  :)

Ok well.. Ever is not going to have any problems unwrapping presents this year.  How do I know?  Well... she has already unwrapped a few under the tree!!  At least the ones she unwrapped were for people who don't live here so the kids didn't see anything they weren't supposed to.  :)  (That's why I used the $7 Hobby Lobby gift wrap for the kid's presents from us that are already under there.. Lol.. it's super strong!!  Thinking ahead!)  

I happen to have a very HUGE secret.  I know for a fact that Santa is dropping off a very large package on Dec 1 to kick off Christmas!  I think the kids will enjoy!  SHHHH!!!!!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Loving Christmastime!

I have been itching to wrap more presents all week, but with all the kids out of school, it's been impossible.  So today, Ian and I will be wrapping!  We've been wrapping here and there and have about half of the Santa presents wrapped.  This year, Santa has truly been good to them!  They each have about 27 Santa gifts so far.  Starting in July has really helped the budget this year.  I just can't believe I have been able to not give in and give them early haha.  I'm excited for this weekend!  Toys R Us is always so fun and I haven't been to the Augusta Mall in forever.  Not to mention the parades we will be taking Ever to, etc.  The holiday season is so wonderful.  Having a family and doing family things is far more rewarding than anything I know.    I'm off to wrap presents!  :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Officially Christmas Season!

Thanksgiving is over and now it is time to focus on Christmas!!!  :)  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I cannot believe that today is Thanksgiving.  Time goes by entirely too fast!  Ian and I got up at 5 AM to start the turkey.  :)  Emily decided to lose yet ANOTHER tooth yesterday.. She's losing them so  fast!!  Pretty soon, she will just have gums lol.  Ian went in her room to "see if the tooth fairy came yet" and Emily was AWAKE.  Ughhh... had to tell her that she was never going to come if she didn't go to sleep.  Haha... that child.. 

We took the kids to Chick Fil A the other day to celebrate Emily's Cheer Competition 1ST PLACE!

After Chick Fil A, we took the younger ones home to stay with my dad while me, Ian, and Emily went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Oh man it was so good and so nerve wracking lol.  We took Emily, because a long time ago I promised her she could see it in theaters with me.  I just covered her eyes during previews she shouldn't see and I covered her eyes while Edward and Bella were "talking" lol.  

So back to Thanksgiving..!  We have the food cooking and we're about to settle on the couch with some blankets and hot cocoa  to watch the Parade.  :))  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cheer party and Fisbee

Emily had her cheer party Friday night.  They practiced, had pizza, and played and enjoyed themselves.  :)  When the party was over, she went with some friends for a sleepover and had a blast.  

These girls make such a good team.  When Emily came home yesterday, she was crying because she thought she wouldn't see her cheer friends again.  I called her coach for her and Eva too.  April and Eva both talked to her and made her feel better.  :)  It looks like I'll be signing Emily up for softball in the spring since April is a coach for that and it'll make Emily happy.  Eva also said that Emily was the most well behaved kid she has ever had at her house and she didn't know how I did it.  Lol.  I told her a little bit about what happened at the beginning of the year and how she had to grow up a little too fast.  About the nightmares and everything else.  Poor kid.   Emily is really amazing though and she has lots and lots and lots of love in her life now!  

On a super happy note.... Fisbee came to see the kids today!  He even brought them a gift!

They were very excited to see him when they woke up!  Christmas will be here before we know it!! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A week away from Thanksgiving!

It's a week away from Thanksgiving and we are ready!  We have all of our food bought and ready to be cooked and our tree is up and looking beautiful.  I love having the tree up on Thanksgiving.  I know most people think it's a little early, but there's nothing like sitting beside the tree smelling the yummy food cooking while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  :)  We will decorate everything else the day after Thanksgiving. (after we get some shopping done during Black Friday of course!)  Right now, it is just the tree.. stockings and all of that jazz comes later!  We ended up with a 9 1/2 foot tree!  It wouldn't even fit in our house lol.. we had to take a lot off of it, but it goes from floor to ceiling and is beautiful!  The pictures do not do it justice!  It looks so different in a picture.. but in person... wow.  

A little fun to get in the tree decorating spirit.  (Yes Ever is standing on my table.. she couldn't reach otherwise)

Here come the holidays!!!!  :)))

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christian's football party

Christian had his football party last night at Stevie B's in Augusta.  We took all of the kids and had a good time playing games, eating pizza (and cake!), and watching Christian get his trophy.  The only downside was that we had to take both cars all the way to Augusta and I hate driving at night and in Augusta.  Last night, I had to do both things I hate together lol.  


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grinch Punch

We decided to have a little early Christmas fun today after school.  I made "Grinch Punch" for them to enjoy while they did their homework.  It was super yummy and we're gonna have to do it again while watching The Grinch!!  :))


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ian and Christian entered the "Turkey contest" at Christian's school.  His turkey ended up looking really good!

Apparently they thought so too, because he won 2nd place!!

He's pretty excited about that ribbon!  Yayyy Christian!!

We went to Cracker Barrel on Sunday.  Ever loves it.  And it's close to the holidays too, so she got another TY holiday character to add to the ones she collected last year.  :)

She got the penguin.  The others are from last year.  :)))

We spent 3 hours at the dentist yesterday.  Poor Emily had a filling and a crown done and Ever had her first dentist appointment.  That was fun.  (Yea right.. Ever hated it!)

Poor Lou after her dental work.  :(  She's much better now though.. ended up eating 3 grilled cheese sandwiches and going to cheerleading practice.  :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween picture I promised earlier

Here is the picture of the kids with Elexis.  :)


Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is coming!

Halloween was a lot of fun.  As soon as the kids came home from school, we did all sorts of fun activities.  

They doodled on these coloring pages while Christian did his homework.  (I think it is so odd that my 2nd graders didn't have homework on Halloween, but my kindergartener did!)

Then we painted pumpkins!  I'm so glad we did this, because even though Emily and Christian did it already in school.. I found out that Gabe didn't.. He was soooooo excited.  He thought it was the coolest thing!

Then we went trick or treating!  I thought Ever would sleep through it, but she was a trooper.  She saw the older kids doing it and she HAD to figure it out.  Once I took her to the first house.. she was all over it.  She LOVED it!  

Some houses went all out.  There was this one house that was giving out jello to parents.  It was so odd.  My friend Christian and I were wondering what on earth.. then she went down there to see what  was going on.. it was jello shots!  Haha.

They were all so cute and had such a good time!  I'm surprised I got the last picture.. I said "Ever go stand by Emily so I can get a picture."  She went right over and grabbed her hand.. bless her heart!  (Ignore us doing laundry in the background lol)

About 20 minutes into trick or treating.. we met up with Christian, Felton, Christian's grandma, and Elexis.  Christian took some really good pictures of Elexis with the kids so as soon as she sends them to me, I'll upload them.   We finished off the night with Mcdonald's Happy Meals and Nightmare Before Christmas.  

I had a really good time, but you know what this means now.... it's time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  :)))