Monday, November 26, 2012

Loving Christmastime!

I have been itching to wrap more presents all week, but with all the kids out of school, it's been impossible.  So today, Ian and I will be wrapping!  We've been wrapping here and there and have about half of the Santa presents wrapped.  This year, Santa has truly been good to them!  They each have about 27 Santa gifts so far.  Starting in July has really helped the budget this year.  I just can't believe I have been able to not give in and give them early haha.  I'm excited for this weekend!  Toys R Us is always so fun and I haven't been to the Augusta Mall in forever.  Not to mention the parades we will be taking Ever to, etc.  The holiday season is so wonderful.  Having a family and doing family things is far more rewarding than anything I know.    I'm off to wrap presents!  :)

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