Friday, November 13, 2015


It is so sad how easily I agree with the kids' not so smart ideas.  Last night they said we should skip school and work today and drive to the mountains.  The adult me said "no" out loud, but the other part of me was thinking how can we make that work?  Haha!  I almost caved, but I asked Ian to keep me strong and reassure me that I have to say no.  But it would've been so fun!!  (Except then I remembered that my picc line comes out today and I really couldn't not be here for that.) I am a sucker for vacations though.  I love doing new things and exploring.  I do wish I could think of somewhere new to go in such a short period of time.  I've never been to the mountains in the fall before though (not old enough to remember I mean) so that should be fun!

     I just HAVE to continue Christmas shopping while there or I'll never be prepared!  This year I am so slack with Christmas.  I bought the main things that were asked for and other than that... it won't be crazy. No 500 gifts this year.  No "it has to be perfect".  I haven't even bought a turkey yet for Thanksgiving!  What is wrong with me?  Lol.. and why are my decorations not up yet??  Being in the hospital was unexpected and made things a lot different.  I am so thankful for being here with my family and I guess it rearranged my priorities.

On another note.. Ever was so stinkin cute last night.  She came in the living room and said "I washed my hands, face, and my arms so I'm all ready to go to the mountains.".  I had to make sure she knew we weren't leaving today.  She kept saying "the next day?".  She loves to travel like her mommy.  She has no idea what New York is and yet she is so excited about it and talks about going non stop.  She'll tell me that I better save my money for New York!  If I have any change, she makes sure I put it in the change jar "for New York".

Where would I be without my amazing family??  Ian is such a great, amazing, wonderful husband.  The kids are all amazing.. Even my pets are amazing.  I am so thankful and beyond blessed!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Living room

I like to post the changes to the house here so that I can look back and see the work done through the years..

The first time we did something...

That was the very first year we were in the house.

Then we took the carpet out...
 And came the hideous yellow.

A little different...

  This is the last it looked before we changed it....

And now it looks like this!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer, you've outstayed your welcome.

It is HOT.  I complain when it's hot saying I want winter and I'll complain when it's cold saying I want summer.  But really.  I need summer to go.  I love the beginning of summer and the care free days that it brings.  Then.  It.  Gets.  Old.  I miss my schedule.  I miss the cold outside.  I miss having things to do.  I miss the holidays.  I miss it all!  When the kids are out of school and it's too hot to go outside we all get a little stir crazy.  I love having them home with me, but I miss the schedule of getting up and having somewhere to be.  Also, I know that as soon as school starts and school shopping is done... it's time to look for the school things being replaced with Halloween things.  :)  It is so uncomfortable outside.  Hot and humid.  I need some holidays and cooler weather.  Summer, it's been great, but time to go!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Simple Summer

Well we decided to wait until early next year to do renovations.  During those boring dreary months of January and February we'll have something to do.  We wanted to enjoy our summer and not work on renovations in the heat.  :)

This time next week, we'll be soaking up some Florida sunshine!  Landshark is calling my name!  I can't wait to show Christian all of the amazing things down there since he didn't go with us last time.  He will finally get to meet Grammy and the family.  :)  Ever is a little nervous, but I think she'll do just fine.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

renovating time again

I will be the first to tell you that renovations are awesome.  It is so satisfying seeing the result of hard work, it really is!  HOWEVER this project we're about to tackle is a little intimidating!  What started as a "simple project" is now a huge project because I thought as long as we're doing it, let's do it big, right?  SMH.  We haven't even started yet and I'm nervous.  My plans have been approved, now we just have to start.  Oh my.. say a little prayer.  Or a big one... probably need a big one.

Friday, April 17, 2015


High waisted is NOT a substitute for Spanx.  Just putting that out there..

And as random as that was, I hope everyone has an amazing Friday even though this weather is getting old with all of the rain.  Can we please have some sunshine back now?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Worth NOT fighting for!

When I resolved to not fight the fight anymore, I didn't realize how easy it would be.  I figured I'd say it to myself and it'd last maybe all of 5 minutes.  Now that I'm looking at things from a different angle, it's almost comical.  What used to make me so upset, makes me smile and shake my head.  Why didn't I do this years ago???  Everyone else needs to come to these terms too!  The world would be such a better place!!

Love to all!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A little warmer..

It's a beautiful day!!  The sun is shining and I hear the birds saying chirp chirp chirp!  It's about that time to switch from hot coffee to cold Starbucks!  Summer is near!!!!  I can't wait for the pool, Richardson's Lake, the beach, etc.  I have missed my warmth and sunshine.  (I know I complained and wanted it cold.. I will do this every year.  Sorry.)

This week has been a blur.  A blast from the past whom I absolutely adore and miss like crazy and one renovation project that turned into quite a few.  Not done yet.. We never will be.  And one day we might even do the outside of the house.  HAHAHA!  Poor house.  No one knows how beautiful it is by the outside.  :)  ANYWHO ... my day starts at 10 AM and I'm not sure when it stops, so I need to get ready to go go go.

Love to all.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Believe you can and you're halfway there. :)

I never knew when I bought that little garden flag at Lowe's that it would change my life.

I went to the doctor yesterday and for the first time I was excited to get on the scale.  The last time I went in, I almost cried at how much weight I gained on those horrid meds.  This time, I weighed in at 104!  Slowly but surely I'm getting back to where I was over a year ago.  I even went to the store and found a pair of shorts I liked.. after trying them on, I fit in a size............. 0!!!!!!  Yessssss!!!   I never thought I would see low numbers again.  Although I do have to explain something here.. it wasn't a skinny person's 0, it was a fat person's 0.  (I use the term "fat" loosely.. I don't think a 0 in any way is fat.)  But it was the type of 0 that goes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc in sizing rather than 0, 1, 3, etc..  Looks like this weekend, I'm going to be digging in the shed for my clothes I thought I packed away forever.  Last summer was a sad one.. I owned maybe one pair of shorts that fit me after trying on everything from the previous summer.  That was the worst part.. I think for the first time in history, I couldn't fit into what I've always been able to fit into.  All it took was joining two gyms, learning to get over my fear, and not eating 20 bagel bites a day.  Haha.  I ate so many of them that I didn't really mind leaving them behind.  I can't believe I consumed THAT much.  Yuck.  Anyway.. this blog is more for me than for anyone else reading it.  I'm not trying to brag at all.. it just feels so good to get back to who I was 2 years ago and it took a lot to get here so I'm proud of me.  That's all.