Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A little warmer..

It's a beautiful day!!  The sun is shining and I hear the birds saying chirp chirp chirp!  It's about that time to switch from hot coffee to cold Starbucks!  Summer is near!!!!  I can't wait for the pool, Richardson's Lake, the beach, etc.  I have missed my warmth and sunshine.  (I know I complained and wanted it cold.. I will do this every year.  Sorry.)

This week has been a blur.  A blast from the past whom I absolutely adore and miss like crazy and one renovation project that turned into quite a few.  Not done yet.. We never will be.  And one day we might even do the outside of the house.  HAHAHA!  Poor house.  No one knows how beautiful it is by the outside.  :)  ANYWHO ... my day starts at 10 AM and I'm not sure when it stops, so I need to get ready to go go go.

Love to all.

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