Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer, you've outstayed your welcome.

It is HOT.  I complain when it's hot saying I want winter and I'll complain when it's cold saying I want summer.  But really.  I need summer to go.  I love the beginning of summer and the care free days that it brings.  Then.  It.  Gets.  Old.  I miss my schedule.  I miss the cold outside.  I miss having things to do.  I miss the holidays.  I miss it all!  When the kids are out of school and it's too hot to go outside we all get a little stir crazy.  I love having them home with me, but I miss the schedule of getting up and having somewhere to be.  Also, I know that as soon as school starts and school shopping is done... it's time to look for the school things being replaced with Halloween things.  :)  It is so uncomfortable outside.  Hot and humid.  I need some holidays and cooler weather.  Summer, it's been great, but time to go!

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