Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Trees

Last night we made Christmas trees!  It was fun and it made a super yummy dessert for after supper!

It's only a few more days until Christmas!  Class parties are coming up and then it'll be Christmas vacation!  I've got the Christmas pjs from Santa's reindeer all wrapped up and the reindeer "food" made up in little baggies which will both be left out for the kids to find when we get home from grandma's house on Christmas Eve night!  We'll be having a huge turkey lunch on Christmas Eve and dinner and gifts at grandma's.  When we get home that night, the kids will open their gifts from us and we will open our last book in the advent calendar and read The Night Before Christmas.  (I have a feeling we will hear Santa's sleigh bells outside the window!!)  Christmas Day, we will have a yummy breakfast complete with Santa cocoa and gifts galore.. then to Nanny Gina's where we will eat and open more presents.   :)))  This Christmas is going to be so great for the kids.  I'm so glad I started planning in July!  It will really pay off!  I don't want it to be over, but I can't wait for it to be here.  Christmas Eve to me is even better than Christmas Day because of the anticipation!  It's like Thanksgiving Xs 1000!  :))))) 

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