Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First December weekend

Our first weekend in December was a fun one!  It all started Saturday morning with a gift from Santa.  Our Advent Calendar came and is super fun this year!  Santa delivered 24 books all wrapped and each night we take turns unwrapping a book and reading it.  

(He also threw in a pair of those funky glasses that turn the Christmas lights into reindeer!)

Sunday, since Emily and Christian were at their nanny's house.. we took Ever to Boll Weevil and Riverwalk.  The weather was amazing and it felt really good to get out of the house.  Ever enjoyed it.  She talked to the ducks and had so much fun.

My favorite at Boll Weevil!!  Turkey sandwich and pasta salad!  (Their bread is sooooo good!)

After Riverwalk, we went for ice cream!


Monday we went grocery shopping, but started off at BK so we wouldn't go to the store hungry and buy a bunch of junk food.  Ever enjoyed it!

After school on Monday, we started baking some yummy goodies!!

(Emily bought us these ornaments at the Santa Store at school.  So sweet.  She has us some gifts under the tree too and I know it's driving her nuts not being able to tell us what they are.  Haha)

More baking


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