Friday, January 11, 2013

Tablets/ Gadgets everywhere!!!

I have to be really serious about limiting everyone's time on their new gadgets!  Now..even Ian has started!!  LOL  He keeps playing the nabi that we got for the kids.. at one point I found Ian on the nabi, Ever on her leap pad, Christian on his vreader, and Emily on her Nintendo DS.  This is crazy people!!!  Read a book!  Ian used to joke about people being addicted to Angry Birds and now he's loving that AND fruit ninja on the nabi.  I have started limiting to no more than an hour a day (if that) and I've had them playing outside with me for the past two days because this weather has been beautiful!  Since my baby is turning 2 in a few days.. it looks like I better get off here because I have a birthday to plan!  I'm wondering if I should just do something small here and just celebrate when we go on vacation in Jan/Feb?  I know most people vacation in the summer, but we need some time to relax!!  So Ian took a few days off and we have a beautiful cabin rented!  :))

My babies in bed playing tablets!!

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