Friday, September 6, 2013

Well hello Fall.. I couldn't wait, okay?

I started a little decorating today.  I only had a small amount of things to work with since I'm waiting on Target to get their Halloween decorations in.  I just couldn't wait any longer.  I wanted the weather to be a little cooler, but it looks like that may be a while.  :(

I went to Hobby Lobby to get most of that stuff and I also bought a small Christmas tree.  :)  I did put the lights on and plugged it in for Ever to see, but I put it up after.  No reason to start calling me the crazy Christmas lady!  (Although I so am!!  Haha)

I saw some really pretty Christmas things at Hobby Lobby while I was there.

Annnd since it's been so hot here lately.. I woke up the other morning to leaves on my front porch thanks to my sweet husband who used fake leaves so it would feel more like fall.  :))


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