Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeling the Holidays

Every year around this time, I start feeling the Christmas bug!  I don't know why.. there's just something about July that gets me thinking of the warm and fuzzies.  I have several goals this year that I want to accomplish.  

1.  I WILL focus also on Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I won't let Christmas over shadow them to the point where they get lost.  Last year I barely noticed them because I was too busy rushing ahead to Christmas.  By the time Christmas came, it was old news.  

2.  I WILL wait until Thanksgiving evening to buy my tree.  (Maybe... depends on Home Depot's holiday hours lol)  Last year I bought my tree so early.. it was dead a week before Christmas and I was so worried that the house would burn down.  I also went all over the place trying to find a tree.  (I even loaded the family up and drove to Columbia to a tree farm.)  It was so much work and disappointment that I really just want to relax and get the tree this year when the time is right.

3.  I WON'T focus on the presents.  Last year I went absolutely crazy buying presents for the kids and I lost focus on what was really important.  They didn't even play with half of them.  I WILL buy presents this year, but not so many and focus that money on other things such as decorations for our home, yummy food, and the the Christmas plays, etc.

4.  I WON'T compete.  I have already taken several steps to avoid it.  I WILL enjoy MY holidays with MY family.  I will do the things I do because it's enjoyable, not because it's the "better" thing to do.  

5.  I WON'T expect everything to be perfect.  When you expect too much, it is a huge letdown.  I will sit back and have a happy time and let things fall in to place.

Hobby Lobby is my best friend this year.  (Target too, but they don't start putting holiday things out in July like Hobby Lobby lol.)  Even though I don't want to rush it, I see no harm in starting over this year and buying things little by little to decorate and other things for the holidays.  I feel the same way about presents.  While I may not be buying as many this year, it sure does help to start early so everything doesn't have to be purchased at once.  There's just something about being in those aisles at Hobby Lobby surrounded by Holiday things.  You can almost forget it's 95 degrees outside and envision the hot cocoa and cold weather.

I am not a summer person.  I do enjoy it for a month or two and then I want my fall/winter weather back.  There is just something about October-December that brings family together and makes everyone feel good.  :)

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