Thursday, July 25, 2013


Starting soon, we will be doing some major (much needed) renovations!  We have the things we need all paid for.. it's just a matter of Ian getting the time off to do it.  He has requested vacation time in a few weeks so we're keeping our fingers crossed!!!  As for now, we will be replacing our back siding and adding windows and a new door.  My new storm door is so freakin' cool.  It has a screen that disappears into the glass.  :))  My new front door is so pretty.  It has oval shaped glass in the middle.  We're also going to paint it red.  I can't wait to hang my holiday wreaths on it.  :)  After we finish this project, we will be replacing the siding on the front of the house.  (Well the roof comes next, but that's boring lol.)  THEN we're doing the kitchen ceiling and getting my chandelier.  Yay!  I really hope we can get all of this done by October.  That is my goal.  It's a crazy goal I know, but who knows...  Aim high.  :))  

Also.. it is so hard to believe school is about to start again.  Where did summer go?  Not that I'm going to miss it.. I still cannot wait until fall!  The kids are all ready to go.  Book bags, supplies, new clothes, lunch boxes, etc.  The only thing I need to get them before school starts is school lunch for their lunch boxes, but that'll come right before they go back.  School starting means holidays fast approaching!!  So excited!  Guess I'm in a pretty good mood today!

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