Saturday, August 3, 2013

November = Happy Month

Okay so yes I know it isn't November yet.  Like not even close to November yet, but you know what?  I don't care.  I feel the need to give my favorite month kudos even when it isn't even here (or close... yea yea I got that).  So many amazing things happen in November so of course it's my favorite!  Some would think it'd be December and even though December has Christmas which is great.. it's kind of a sad month too because Christmas is over and the winter lull begins in December.  Here are just some of the many reasons November is my favorite month:

1.  November is when the holiday spirit hits.  I mean... mine hits in July but that's not normal so I can at least SHARE that holiday spirit in November and not look like a weirdo.  Telling someone "Happy Holidays" in November is perfectly acceptable.  Telling someone in July?  Not so much.. definite weirdo-ville.

2.  I don't know about you.. but our Christmas tree goes up in November!

3.  Thanksgiving!  Nothing is better than waking up early and cooking all of that yummo food.  And smelling it is pretty nice too!

4.  Thanksgiving Day Parade.. what better way to spend Thanksgiving morning than cuddled on the couch with blankets watching the parade?

5.  Two words:  BLACK FRIDAY ... bring it on!!

6.  This year, November is super special because my new book in the Bloodlines series comes out.  Not only will it be Sydney, but now Adrian's POV will be heard.  Yessss! 

7.  Christmas wrapping, presents under the tree, Christmas shopping, etc.  (Christmas things are out in stores!!)

8.  The build up for Christmas in November is amazing.  You know good things are coming and you're so excited.  

9.  Plays (Nutcracker, Christmas Carol, Etc) are everywhere.

10.  Christmas lights!!

There are probably a million more reasons I could think of, but that's plenty of reasons for me.  Why wouldn't it be my favorite month?? 

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