Saturday, August 24, 2013

All smiles here

I have no complaints.  Ever is sleeping peacefully in her bed.  She fell asleep at 1 today so that's perfect timing for a nap.  The house is clean, the weather is beautiful and cool.  The only thing that could be better is that it could be mid September and Target and other stores could have their holiday things out.  :)  But I'm going to TRY to slow down and not rush it.  Big emphasis on TRY.  I did manage to clean out some of my drawers and consolidate most of my fall scents (candles, wax melts, etc.) into one box so that's done.  Monday, I am going to buy Ever some fall clothes and go through the older kid's clothes from last year and see what still fits.  It's hard to get over how quiet the house is while the kids are gone and Ever is asleep.  It's peaceful, but just doesn't feel right.  LOL.  I better take advantage of this downtime to get some more things done. 

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