Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey 2014!

Happy New Year! That day has finally come! The one I've been pushing everything to this whole holiday season. You know what I'm talking about. The "I'll eat this now and it'll be okay because I'll start right on New Years." Or the "I'll do better with so and so on New Year." It doesn't really matter what the resolution is, the fact is that we've all made them (well most of us...some of us are realist who know better). 

 In truth, I've already started out New Years falling short of keeping a resolution.  BUT it's okay with me, because I was not anticipating "partying" - which consisted of going out while my husband and FIL played a game of pool and I had a drink.  Something that hasn't happened in years.  It wasn't what I remembered and I'm glad to know that in "mommyville" over here, I'm not missing much!  I was sad that I was so bored so I suggested grabbing some fireworks and going home to shoot them and bring in the New Year with the kids.  It was settled and I immediately perked up!  So yes, I slept until 9 instead of 7:30 as I wanted and yes, I am STILL in bed writing this on my iPad instead of the computer, but I'm doing it all while cuddling with the cutest 'almost 3 year old' that you've ever seen.  I have no complaints.  :)

So for the moment you've all been waiting for... Because I just KNOW you all couldn't focus on your New Year until you read this ;)

Okay so I honestly don't have a list of certain resolutions.  But there are some things that I would like to change in 2014. (One I won't mention, because it isn't possible and could get me in trouble lol. I joke.)

Boy am I glad that I already quit smoking. That one kicked my butt every year.

I want to be a better mom.  More attentive and not as uptight.
I want to get in shape. Not LOSE weight, but tone it before spring/summer.
I may not follow through on this one, but no more spray tans PLEASE.
I want to be happier and not "sick" all of the time.
For those of you that know me, I haven't been sleeping at night. I'm on medicine for it, and I want to stop the medicine and fight against this problem hard and WIN.

Overall, I just want to be happy, healthy, and amazing.  :). I want the same for my family and friends.

Happy New Years and here's to a good one!!!

Oh and I need to burn some of these candles I have everywhere. That's a given!

Love to all most!

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