Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finishing up I hope.

And I thought Emily was going to be the hard one to buy for this year.  The good news is it was actually super easy to buy for her.  The bad news is She's very expensive to buy for.  Haha.  I tried my best to not let electronics be the focus this year.  I would say it's half and half.  There are quite a few thrown into the mix (for all of them), but I think the best presents are the ones that aren't electronics.  Also, believe it or not, the things I recently thought of ended up costing more than electronics.  I know it'll be great gifts and they will be played with immensely but wow that's one expensive hobby!  Christmas only comes once a year though!  I want so bad to be the parents that give only a couple gifts for Christmas, but I always go crazy with it.  Thank goodness for this new playroom.. otherwise, I have no idea where this stuff would go.

There are only 15 days until Christmas!!  Can you believe???  I feel so unorganized knowing it all has to come together so soon.  I have everything except the finishing touches that I have to go buy today.  The problem now is rounding everything up and getting it in one spot.  Most of it is wrapped and 98% of the things are all in bins and ready to go.  I just have to find the little things here and there that I've bought randomly and stuck in little places all over the house.  I thought we were through wrapping and had it all together until I thought oh no... there's that one bag I put over there... and what about the things up there.. ?  Haha.  It's crazy.

Present talk aside... I bought the food for Christmas lunch yesterday!  Turkeys, homemade mac & cheese, etc.  Yumm!!  Christmas Eve is my favorite because of the suspense of Christmas day looming and the parties and family time.  This year though to do things a little different, we're doing breakfast at mom's BEFORE presents and lunch here after presents.  :))  That way, not EVERYTHING will be done and over with on Christmas Eve.  We'll still go to Regina's and Grandma's of course.  We'll eat dinner at grandma's and come home to read our "Twas' the Night Before Christmas" and open Christmas Eve presents.  Unlike most people, we don't care how late the kids stay up on Christmas Eve, because Santa doesn't come to our house until about 3-4 AM.  I am so excited.. probably more so than the kids lol.  A part of me wants it to hurry up and get here and a part of me wants it to last as long as possible!  Although once Christmas is gone, I'll be dreaming of spring and summer, ready to get in the pool..  ;)

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