Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Emily has been working very hard with her cheer leading.  I am very proud of her.  ...And it makes me feel not so bad about spending almost $300 on it.  Lol.. when I signed her up, I didn't realize she would need a bag, hair bows, wind suit, etc. on top of the $125 to sign up.  I don't mind though.. her and Christian both deserve it.  

Emily practicing her cheers.

The kids have been so excited, because UNCLE KRIS AND AUNT MONIKA ARE COMING!!!!  Haha.  The last time we got to see them was September 2010.  I was pregnant so this is the first time they've met Ever.  I have to say Ever warmed up really fast to them.  In no time, she was running around just like everyone else.  I was so proud of all my kids.  For the most part, they didn't fight for attention or act too crazy.  :)  Emily and Aunt Monika did "girl stuff" and Gabe, Christian, and Uncle Kris did "boy stuff" as the kids called it.  Ever just ran back and forth with everyone.  I wish they lived closer.  Emily and Monika are so sweet together!  Emily loves her soooo much and vice versa.  It'll probably be the hardest on Emily when they leave, but hopefully she can go visit them at their house soon!  That would be so cool for her.  Today, they're coming to play with the kids again and taking them for ice cream.. YUMM!!!   Last night, just the grown ups went to Outback and Kris treated us to my birthday dinner.  It was so good and the company was wonderful!  It felt strange with out any children though.. too quiet!  I can't believe how much of an old person I am..I didn't even order a drink or want one.. haha.  My birthday drink was sweet tea!!!  :))  And yes they came out with ice cream and did the happy birthday thing... Lol.

Excited that Uncle Kris and Aunt Monika will be here after school!

Yea GA!!!!  Dawgs!  :))


This looks like fun.  Lol

So Sweet!

Picking them up from Nanny Gina's after our dinner.  They had a long fun day!  

Of course this one is still awake!!  :))))  <3

I can't wait until later today when we see them again.  I love seeing the kids so happy.


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