Saturday, September 15, 2012

Looking for Halloween!

We have been trying so hard to find Halloween things everywhere.  I know it's only September, but we're ready to get a jump start on the Holidays!  So far, we've made candy apples, bobbed for apples, and decorated the house with what little Halloween/fall decorations we could find.  Walmart didn't have very many Halloween costumes out when we were there yesterday, but Emily DID find her costume!  She begged and begged and even though it was a little early to buy a costume.. I bought it!   She is..... Cleopatra!!!!!!  
I can't wait to find costumes for all of my other babies!  I was about to buy one for Christian, but he couldn't decide lol.  I ended up telling him that him and his daddy could have a boy's day and pick one out.  :)  I CANNOT wait until we can find more Holiday goodies!   

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