Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yesterday we were walking around Walmart and they had all of their pumpkins on display.  We couldn't resist grabbing our first one of the holiday/season to carve!  
The kids picked out this pumpkin.  They did a really good job!!

Ever has no clue what we're about to do, but she's excited anyway!

Getting ready to carve!

You want me to stick my hand in there????

Yuck!!  I don't think so!!!!

Final results!  Ever named him Bob.  I'm not even kidding.  She pointed and said "Bob" so Bob it is!

Boiling the seeds, getting ready to bake them.  I didn't get a finished picture because our neighbors came over to play and chat and when Ian brought the seeds out, we gobbled them up!  They were the best we've done so far.

I cannot get over how sweet this is.  Ever loves her "Emiwee" so much.  While Emily is at school, that's all I hear..  Ever runs to Emily's picture in the living room and says "EMIWEE!!!!!" .  Emily is such a good big sister too!  Perfect match!

Gabe has glasses now!  He looks so smart and sophisticated.  :))  And soooo stinkin cute!!



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