Friday, October 19, 2012

End to a very long week

My baby has been sick all week.  She woke us up Sunday night crying with a temp of 103!  We took her to the doctor on Monday to find out that she had an ear infection.  She seemed to be getting worse instead of better so I took her back to the doctor yesterday and she has a virus.  Poor thing, I've never seen her so sick.  She seems to be feeling a little better today thank goodness.

My poor sick baby.  :(

Since Ever has been so sick, Christian's coach has been taking him to practice and games this week.  It has been super nice of them to do that for us!  Last night, Christian was going to spend the night with them and their son.  When they came by to get clothes, he was so excited!  His first sleepover!  However, about 9:00 she called us and said "He's crying and said he misses his daddy and Ashley".  :(  We went and picked him up.. poor thing.  Instead, he is going to go over there about 2:00 and play for a while.  We decided on baby steps.  Haha.  

We have been working really hard on our house too!  We've been doing a lot of painting.  Hopefully, within the next few weeks, it'll all be finished.  We got one side done and the rest pressure washed and ready to go.

I also got this really pretty fall wreath for our door!  I can't wait to go get Christmas ones!!

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