Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Tree!!

We bought our Christmas tree last night (November 16)!  We originally went to Kroger because we called and they said they had their live trees.  We drove out there and lo and behold... NO FREAKIN' TREES!  Felling completely dejected, we were getting back in the car when I thought to call Walmart and maybe JUST MAYBE they might have their trees since they're always the first to get them it seems.  I wasn't entirely thrilled to get a tree at Walmart.  I normally get mine at Home Depot, Lowes, or Rick's Produce because I love having a huge tree.  Walmart's trees are normally puny and not very pretty.  Maybe I'm a tree snob, who knows?  BUT Walmart had one gorgeous tree.  Ian cut the string that held it together and hit it on the ground super hard to make the branches fall and it was like ahhhhhhhhhhh beautiful!!  It's all decorated and amazing!  I love it!

Walmart definitely surprised me this year.  It's very huge and just amazing.  :)))  Merry Christmas!

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