Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's all care, shall we?

Every year on Christmas Eve since I was born we go to my Grandma's house to open presents and eat dinner.  When we get home the kids open their present(s) from us and we read The Night Before Christmas just as I did when I was a kid.  Two years ago I (or Santa rather) started a tradition where when we get home from Grandma's, the kids have a present from either Santa's reindeer or Santa himself (Christmas pajamas and a treat).  This year, Fisbee has decided since it's his last night before he leaves with Santa for the rest of the year.. he wants to leave them their present.  He found the cutest pjs for them and a little treat.  While walking through the store.. I was skeptical about buying pajamas for only one night.. It seemed like such a waste.  I had to keep repeating "keep the tradition and magic alive".

I'm going to go on a little rant here so if you'd rather not read it, stop here and skip to where it says end rant.  If you take offense to it, then I will say now that I am sorry that you feel that way and I am not writing about any one person, just people in general.  And it is only my opinion.  Also.. if it makes you mad, maybe there's too much truth there that hits close to home so don't blame or get mad at me.  Lol.

I know I've spent a lot on Christmas.  One present alone was $586.  However I do feel that it's worth it.  My children don't get a toy or something every time we go into a store.  They don't even ask.  I think if you buy your kids something every time and they expect it, not only are you spoiling them and teaching them all of the wrong things, but also it makes Christmas and birthdays much more magical when you don't.  We try to teach them respect and how to earn the things they receive.  I don't mind spoiling them on Christmas and birthdays because they are taught to appreciate it.  Gifts and toys, etc constantly is nothing compared to love and being there for them in my opinion.  Not only are we teaching respect, but it's nice that they don't expect to get things for nothing.  And it's also great to know it's okay to go a little Christmas crazy.  :)  Also, we try to teach them to care for the things we buy.  I've seen quite a few people (even adults!) that rely on their parents to pay for everything for them and they take it for granted constantly breaking things and not caring at all!  When you have to earn things and pay for them yourself without your parents/grandparents/other adults constantly bailing you out and replacing things for you, you tend to take better care of things.  Some people don't know or care about taking care of things.  Shoot if my parents paid for everything and constantly bailed me out of bad situations I wouldn't give a rats butt about taking care of it or myself either.  I'm not sure if you blame the parent or the child in that situation.  If one of my children breaks something, they know they lose it and won't have another.  It just drives me absolutely crazy when I see kids (and adults) taking so much for granted.  I see kids today talking to their parents in a way that would leave my with a very sore behind.  It's really sad.  If you want grown up things that your parents buy you then it's time to act like a grown up.  Or maybe the parent shouldn't be buying it.  Just saying.

End Rant.

Okay back to Christmas...
I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas morning.  I am NOT excited about wrapping 70+ presents.  Haha.  I bought a lot of the food we'll be cooking on Thanksgiving yesterday and Lowes said they will have their real trees by next week!!  We're eating with mom and Tommy this year.  I can't wait!  Thanksgiving got a little messed up from the way it was supposed to be because of all the usual reasons, but it's going to be okay and things that were planned can be done on other days.  I think Christian might be opening his eyes to some situations a little more because of some things he said which is kind of sad.  HOWEVER... we have plenty of love and can't wait to share the holidays together!!  I think this year is going to be so amazing and I can't wait to do a little more Christmas shopping today.  I guess I'll start wrapping some presents this weekend so that there's not so many to do later.  :/

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