Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Target was such a disappointment!  The Christmas stuff they were putting out was not all that great if you ask me.  They had probably 3-4 isles of ornaments and 1 isle of actual decorations.  In my opinion, last years decorations were much much better.  I actually put a tote in the buggy so that I'd have somewhere to store my new decorations I was planning on buying.  I ended up not getting ANY decorations and put the tote up.  :(  I did knock out some of Ian's presents which I'm happy about, but I'm still far from done.  I also haven't bought hardly a thing for other people.  Although I am almost done with the kid's Christmas thank goodness since theirs always seems to take the most out of me!  I have to get Ever a few more things that Santa put on his list and her Christmas Eve Present... also her Christmas PJs.  She has some really cute Christmas pjs already but they're a little thin so I need some cozy ones! 

Let it be said.. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules did not disappoint!!!  I think I'm more excited for VR than RHOBH this season.  I cannot believe some things that happened.  I could just feel the tension and I wasn't even there lol.  Ian walked in and started watching too haha.  You can't look away!!  And to think this addiction is from flipping through the channels one day while I was sick and being too lazy to change it.. 7 episodes later...  Hahaha

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